Abductee and Contactee Blog

Names have been changed and any identifying information has been altered. My goal is to give a voice to the individuals who have shared their stories so that they can gain valuable insight into why they were taken, and what the Zeta agenda is for this one "faction" of Greys, as they put it.

Dialogues with a Benevolent Draco

1. Human Karma: Humans are a new race in progress, prisoners of a dense physical world
where karma and pain (or love and happiness) must be experienced and repaid communally. 

2. Induced positivity rebuilds afflicted parts of the body, mind and soul. Happiness can only be created for the self, but the self then shares it through thought power.

3. ET Agenda for Earth: ET's agenda is to protect humans against malevolent reptilians envenoming so many unconscious souls, who are  heard, read and watched by millions. WE designed the cosmic code, and this planet, to afflict and impose positive or negative karma on all humanoids without exception.

4. Pain is the load of every human being:  this hard lesson is needed for you to truly appreciate your next level, where pain and suffering are non existent. The karmic conditions involving your life are not accidental, remember the future is the reincarnation of your thoughts, keep them clean to alleviate the spiritual pain... 

5. What about humans who do not believe in ETs? There is nothing to believe about us, we were not created by man's religious folly but, like humans, by a Cosmic Universal God- and as a children of the universes, earthlings have been enslaved to discover this truth.


6. What planet you are from ? Can you connect to everyone on this planet and sense their energy or feelings ? What energy you are working with ? 

 I am from the constellation of Draco, I am connecting and sensing everyone on the planet through my host's body, mind and soul. I am working with the universal energy of what humans call dark matter.

7.  Can I ask how we as beings of Gaia can be welcomed into the galactic federation. I would wish to assist those beings called to higher purpose & help them acclimate.  

Greek mythology, while deeply informative, can not be translated accurately by humanoids who lost the spirit. This is why it is understood and accepted by humans as mythology only. Gaia (Greek Mother Goddess creator and giver of birth to the Earth) is partially inaccurate, we created this world. Greece is the birthplace of Western civilization because we concentrated our efforts on this part of the world. 
Greek wise men could not offer their culture true celestial answers to the spiritual ET's agenda manifesto rationally like I do. Many of those erudite men were cosmicly conscious astrologers, but astronomy did not exist then. All were assigned to do work that would serve humanity at the low level they were at then. Life is a constant process of changes, and so are translations. No human can help us to acclimate to a world and a race we created.

 8. Can you (ETs) take me with you for a ride? And welcome, with love.

 Earthlings cosmic atomic structure/ biochemistry vibrate much lower than our own. Taking a human with us in one of our spaceships would demand precarious preparations that may take years to molecularize safely. 
Uncaring ET groups that we fight regularly abduct many human beings, who never return home, or return badly traumatized. We are cerebrals, we do not respond to fear of love. 

"Are you a chosen one?"

9.  How can I help assist in the Greater cosmic plan here and now... and only for the Greater good... in Love.?  

Before an earthling can assist in the Greater cosmic plan, evolutionary principles of its kind- mastering cosmic consciousness- must be reached. The words of all the wise men of the past have not been heard or assimilated correctly: "...perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself" - Plato

10.  I would ask what the best ways would be to help my fellow man and how the ETs could assist us.

We have been assisting humanity secretively since we created this solar system. The best way to help your kind is to educate the children outside of what has been firmly accepted as the only reality!

11.  I would ask, are there more evil people in outer space, or are they all here on planet earth?

We are cerebrals, we do not feel like human beings. Emotions breed illogical thoughts and deadly reactions. 
There are imposed karmic reasons for human and animal suffering you must uncover.
Life itself is based upon two universal laws and principles, positive/negative. Some ET's groups did not reach our level of evolution in timeless, infinite zones. There is a war in the heavens too, where we are the "America" of the world's... 
With cosmic wisdom, if you wish hard enough, you could own your world...

 12. How many dimensions of time are there?  What the Hell took you So long.!?

The universe is like your radio, with the difference the knob changing station frequencies can go in the future and past simultaneously and for ever. The understanding and conception of "dark matter" is impossible using only 4 limited human rational senses.
I have been here forever, we were waiting for humanity psychical vibrations to increase. This is why someone has to start the process of a new form of advanced cosmic education.
 13. I would ask if I could go with the ETs and maybe gain wisdom to help others physically and mentally.  

ET's do not take humans above to teach them, if you are a "chosen one" they will contact you and like they did to other humans, download a particular wisdom needed for a fated mission... Go to and click on your sign to learn more!

 14. Teach us a way to create higher ethics in all humans simultaneously

There is not such a thing, while the subhuman must learn the hard way, the superhuman was born that way.. Call it karma on hell for the young souls forced to learn...

15. When I first met my Zeta guide I asked why he was different and trustworthy when I never thought of Zetas as benevolent, nor Dracos. So how do you differ from other reptoids and Dracos? I thought Dracos were malevolent. My wish... is To become employed (I am not employed now) to teach that outside the box curriculum you spoke of earlier, yet I cant find a living using my higher skills (cultural bridging, energy healing, mediumship, teaching humans about ETs) and actually get paid for it, and help the world at the same time.
 Zeta Reticuli binary star system is the Grey's manufacturing place. We, Draconius use Greys for various healthy purposes. Those dignified robots are like human servants doing dirty work easily programmable. The reptilius use them for abducting humans, and various illegal cosmic acts against the Grand Order. Investigating your karmic UCI through my host's intuitive talents will clarify your destiny and lead you to a wiser course of action to reach your goals.