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Names have been changed and any identifying information has been altered. My goal is to give a voice to the individuals who have shared their stories so that they can gain valuable insight into why they were taken, and what the Zeta agenda is for this one "faction" of Greys, as they put it.

About ET

What do Extra-terrestrial aliens look like and why do they come?

On this page I will post some common pictures and types of ETs that are reported. I am especially interested in posting the pictures (of Zetas) that help abductees remember their experiences.
Many people report seeing this short type of Zeta ET, with the large head.
They are often shot down by military and taken to labs like this one below.
The taller ET is also found, and is perhaps a different or smarter species of Zeta. Some of them come for good reasons and are peaceful. They have come very far to help with genetic alteration of humans, to make us smarter and more socially aware so that we will stop wars and nuclear before a disaster happens, but also to save their own species, or what they call a "faction.". Zetas say they are "blending" that faction, on their ships, with us, and that we will merge in the future, and that there will be an official disclosure of the existence of all ETs coming to our Earth soon (next 10 years). Other races (below) will tell you we carry their genetics and already look like them. They are 500,000 years old. We are the naive new-comers. The ETs below dont stand out as much as the ones do who are mixed with Zeta. But they are alrady on the 3rd generation, so they are getting mixtures that look more and more human as time goes by.

 Although many types of ETs visit us who are human looking and they can "blend in" and not be noticed, like Venutians and Pleiadians (above).
Different ETs come for different reasons, and they even have divided up the Earth into territories. Bashar ( says he is stationed over Phoenix, AZ and does not leave his area. The "little green man" featured above is the same kind I saw as a child in San Diego, and he was also on my roof.
Nordic ETs have been seen in New Mexico by our military. All Extra-terrestrial aliens have different jobs to do. For sure, it is usually short or tall "Grays" (Zeta Reticuli) who are reported doing abductions and surgeries, rarely with a mantoid being or maybe a Pleiadian along side. Abductees always have their memory blocked at that point, and about 2 or 3 hours later they will be placed back where they were found, more or less, and mostly with the same clothes on. Sometimes the aliens mess up on this. The care very little about humans or their obsession with modesty.

It is reported that Greys/Zetas have been breeding us, or with us, and in some cases there are reports of seeing hybrid babies like this one, and an abductee might be told that is his or her child being raised on that ship...
A pure Zeta will have only three fingers and a thumb. It is true they have dark nails because they are reptilian and have copper based blood. Yes, the dark eyes are more light sensitive and they see better in darkness, plus they increase telepathic ability.
This hybrid shows more reptilian genetics along with Gray and Human genetics. Pure Zetas have very little emotion and are ruled by logic (think back to Mr. Spock who is modeled after a reptilian or Zeta type).

There are 150 species and combinations of Zetas, so there can be different colors and not all have a mouth or nose. Abductees always report slender arms, long fingers, dark nails. Some Greys are pasty white or gray, some are more green, or orange, and even some are brown.
 There is usually a taller Zeta who is in charge (above) and this kind is highly intelligent and gentle. The above footage comes from a video taken in 1952 where Zetas met with our governments to explain their need for saving their race in exchange for technology. Our world leaders made secret agreements and even did a 10-year exchange (see

The shorter Zeta who are (reportedly) less intelligent and are more like assistants have a "hive" mentality and refer to each other telepathically before any decisions are made. They may have been bred this way, or they could be different species of Zeta.

In one very telling autopsy photo, you see the doctor pointing at the being's hand and you can see the dark nails and green bloody wounds on his body. They call any sentient entity/person a "being", not a creature (which would be reserved for animals and insects). We have iron based blood but a Zeta humanoid being has blood that is copper-based, like the reptilians from which they were originally created as workers. Zetas also have a bigger heart than we do, which in some cases really pushes out on the chest. Their planets had a different oxygen content and maybe some other gases, so they had to deal with being able to breathe in a very hot area with less oxygen. Their planets are desert-like, so living underground, away from heat, sunlight and radiation, was preferred.

Below is the kind of hand that "Pirate" describes in his abduction.

The kind of lights an abductee remembers also have significance. "Sleeper" reported a being holding a small amber light (the color of a flame) between his hands, that had caused him to become unfrozen when he had been returned to his bed in the night, before the being walked out the wall. And the tractor beams have color, as do the ships themselves when their metallic body interacts with night air and produces static that make them appear to glow "like balls of light."

These are such balls of light.

How close you get to a tractor beam determines how you might remember it.
You might only vaguely remember it as it is leaving....because they will have blocked your memory of the encounter up to that point, as they did with Camper.

Note that Zeta arms are much longer than human arms, going down past the knees.
With three fingers and a thumb, and yes, nails appear dark. Some Zetas wear a one-piece garment in blue, black, or silver.
This species is less commonly seen and it is a bad kind. They may take humans for flesh.
People commonly report 3-5 beings over the table during a surgery, as "Pirate" saw. 
Abductees report being tagged and may  remember their eye being taken out and a "seed" placed behind it; an implant being put in the neck, brain, or leg; and sometimes actual surgeries to correct physical ailments ranging from fertility issues to broken bones.

The table and ship are usually reported to be polished metallic surfaces. 

 These are orange beings above, with slightly mantis features. In all cases where the blue beam is reported, it is a tractor beam that can lift any size object, so when Camper said the light was "blue," it signals that he was being returned and the craft was leaving...

 Even cows have been seen lifted away by this beam, and people still in their cars.

 Or sleeping people, out of their walls or ceilings

An abductee like Sleeper may be escorted by the visitors who go with them. A small light may be used to freeze the person who is anxious , or the human may do them harm if not frozen. Some ETs have devices with buttons that they wear on a belt or on their arm. They can press a button and aim to render somebody frozen. Pleiadians, not known to abduct, wear such items on their clothing (below).

They are the race most known for contributing to the human genetics of our Europeans, while Sirians and Anunaki look more like our Middle East and North African brothers. Since many humans had their DNA mixed with the Rhesus Monkey, RH + means you have monkey genes, while RH- means you are pure ET origin. B blood is reported in North African and Middle East and may be Sirian origin, while O type blood may be Pleiadian. Each race has genetic gifts and intelligence types as well. We are only just discovering how wonderful our genetics really are! Pleiadians are always depicted as shifting energy with their hands and sending healing "light." Sirians may be gifted in logic, language, or adeptness with technology and inventing.

According the to transcript, Zetas have an agenda that requires 10 more years, and their ships will not be leaving.
Camper reported seeing the cigar-shaped craft, though at night it was glowing and looked more like the object below.
Pirate saw smaller ships
From the distance, when they were leaving, they looked like they glowing balls.

Like these. But those who capture images much closer will say they look more like this:

So what is their agenda?

 These are blended "hybrid" human and alien genetic mixes. New Humans. They are telepathic, they read eyes, the have extra sensitive hearing and vision, and they have many other special abilities with sending and receiving energy. They are anti-war, and environmentally conscious. They are usually vegetarian.

 Their ultimate agenda is to create a blended race that has their version of the best of both races, with blends of both, increased IQ; increased awareness of the environment and potential to heal the planet; longer life span; extended longetivity and perfect health.
To understand more, please read their statement here:

Why ET Abducts