Abductee and Contactee Blog

Names have been changed and any identifying information has been altered. My goal is to give a voice to the individuals who have shared their stories so that they can gain valuable insight into why they were taken, and what the Zeta agenda is for this one "faction" of Greys, as they put it.

Reports-Case Files

Morocco Cases, with several on going

Tuareg is a nomad who had an encounter with a reptilian female wearing all black. Her long black hair is what he remembers most clearly, and an eery laugh as she chases him across the desert and he flees in horror, only to have nightmares for weeks after, as well as radiation sickness.

Summer in the Palmery. Tantan, Morocco
Summer is a camel breeder who was sleeping in the palmery one night only to suddenly awaken to see a non-human female with long black hair sitting outside his tent at 1:00 A.M.

These five people are still experiencing sex with reptilians, shape-shifters, close encounters, missing pregnancy, and missing time. They have not totally remembered the information, and some feel they are in some way limited in the information they were able to recall. These are open cases. 

Caller has been having sex with a female reptilian who has him engaged in Masonic ritual killings and more, and she prevents him from seeing Earth women. He has PTSD and is an avid liar and manipulator. 

Taken from his bed, he watches a Zeta Reticuli walk through his bedroom wall.

Morocco,  "Camper" age 17, in Agadir
  Taken from his tent at a mountain camp-out, he recalls the blue light in the sky and is sick for days afterwards.

Morocco, "Piano Man," age 25, Casa Blanca, Morocco
Piano Man is a potential hybrid Starseed who is realizing fast that he is different and has special abilities. When he hears about aliens and hybrids, and realizes he has actually seen one, his reaction to hearing about disclosure (for the first time) will amaze you, with valuable insights into what he thinks others might do if they were to see aliens.


  North Africa, outside Morocco

Algeria, "Encounter" -age 14, South Desert
Sex with a female reptilian shape-shifter. Believing a "Blonde with strange legs" has visited him multiple times, he recalls their conversations and has to deal with the idea that she was really Reptilian and that was a screen image...

Algeria, "Runner" age 18, South EasternVillage and Mountain area near Souk Ahras
Seeing a strange fog on the mountain where he practices, Runner found himself disoriented and had missing time, not to mention awakening with bruises three times per week.


Reports for Middle East

  Jordan, "Pirate"  age 14-Aman, desert Nomad camp
Taken from his nomadic tent in the middle of the desert, he recalls being frozen in position while his chest and abdomen are opened surgically.


Reports Outside of MENA

Eastern Europe: Bosnia, Serbia, Azerbaijan.

After taking pictures and experiencing radiation exposure sickness, Osman recalls they have visited his room many times through an extradimensional portal.He can feel them but not see them. Do they cloak?

Bosnia, "Black Eye" Arnold, Age 19, on-going.
Black-Eye sees screen images that block his real perception. A large "Black Eye" appears in his mirror (commonly reported as deer or owls by others); he remembers "lightening" (Bright light with screen images); he has physical scratches and sickness, and he experiences 4th dimensional beings coming in and out of his house.

United States-Canada

USA, A French-Canadian Couple- witnesses in Maine
After watching a craft swirl over them for an extended period of time and then decend, the couple experiences several hours of missing time.

USA, Utah
A woman in Utah is experiencing continuous interaction with a Grey she believes is stalking her. Interview now in progress.

Contactee Accounts (Non-abduction connection to ETs)

USA "Julie" contactee--from-age-9. 
Julie is the founder of ET-MENA and works exclusively on helping people of Middle East North Africa with abduction encounters and awareness. Here she explains her own unique background and first encounters, as well as how such experiences alter one's awareness for a life time.

Canada,"Cody" dialogue.    

"Cody" is lead into a meditative trance state in order to meet his guides (who are normally from Earth past lives) and ends up meeting a host of benevolent and malevolent alien beings on his path! This is typical for a Starseed. Surprise!