Abductee and Contactee Blog

Names have been changed and any identifying information has been altered. My goal is to give a voice to the individuals who have shared their stories so that they can gain valuable insight into why they were taken, and what the Zeta agenda is for this one "faction" of Greys, as they put it.

"Sleeper" Abducted at age 17- Tangier, Morocco

Present age: 37 (Actual features of people have been altered)
"Sleeper" was 17 and his brother was 15. His first recall of abduction begins as he is placed back into his bed by a short, hairless, clothes-less being that then walks through his wall.

Note: Photo is an actual Grey alien and a man of similar age.

Begin Transcript

Sleeper: I remember you have two daughters
Me: Starseeds came IN MASSE to the Maghreb between 1976 and 1988, I think. Those were the peak periods for social change when they were called in, Allah bless them.
They are now adults...
They are too old but in young bodies
Their job is to prevent war, any way they can

Sleeper: Good

Me: They will try and try for peace. They will resist ISIS and they will try to stop subjugation and create Arab Spring. That is their job
Sleeper: Good
Me: They are extremely smart and they were born that way. They are telepathic and able to read people and tell if they are lieing

Sleeper: I have story for you

Me: yes, tell me
Sleeper: One night I was sleeping in house of my parents
I wake up in middle night
Me: ok

Sleeper: To go bathroom
Me: What woke you up

Sleeper: I didn't turn light on
For not wake my brother

Me: Did you see something in the dark?
Sleeper: Yes

Me: How old were you

Sleeper: I see someone taking light between his hand
Me: and how old was your brother
And how far from you was he in this room

Sleeper: We teenage together
Me: ages?
This time I really do need ages

Sleeper: 15 and me 19
Me: Because right now you are reporting an abduction and you know it too...
He was the younger or older one?
Where was he in the room, how far from you?

Sleeper: Younger
Me: Was he sleeping, you think?
Sleeper: Yes
Me: Or you hoped he was
Was he in your bed with you?

Sleeper: No
Me: Bunk bed? On floor?
Sleeper: Every one have his bed
Me: how far apart were you two? i meter, 2 meters?
Sleeper: Bed for one person

Me: Yes
Sleeper: Each one in side room
Me: He was the only other person in this room, 2 meters from you?
Sleeper: Big room
Me: ok
Sleeper: More
Me: How many windows?
Sleeper: Three window

Me: 3 meters away, so you cant tell if he was sleeping
three windows
Sleeper: Because in morning I asked him
Me: How far were you from the door to the room when you got up?
4 meters?

Sleeper: Wait if I have pictures of this room
Me: Later
Where was the being when you saw him?
Standing over you? Next to you? At your feet?
(Picture very similar to one subject shows)

Me: Ah, a very big room. I see
Sleeper: Just stand up from bed
Me: ok
Sleeper: I saw front off me
Sleeper: Not taller (He was shorter than me at age 17)
Me: Were you sitting or standing when you saw him? (Just stood up)

Sleeper: Taking light between his hand
Me: what color light
Sleeper: Jaune
Me: yellow?
OK, the translator says that is yellow

Sleeper: Yellow
Me: He was as tall as you, then? So four feet tall?

Sleeper: But like light of old light of oil (amber colored light like in a flame)
Me: Did he have any hair?
I see, that is amber. I understand

Sleeper: I see only his chest
Me: was he wearing anything?

Sleeper: Because light is near his chest
Me: yes, so was it skin or fabric?

Sleeper: I don't know
I think

Me: ok
were you scared or he seemed familiar and he knew you

Sleeper: And was fear
Me: ok

Sleeper: I jump to looking bottom of light (I saw bottom of light and jumped out of bed)
Me: so when you walked, were you tired, confused, in pain?

Sleeper: Yes
All I vibrant (My whole body was vibrating)
Me: When you went to the bathroom, did you notice and bruises, blood? Trouble peeing?
(Video footage of actual being walking through a wall, for comparison)

Sleeper: And saw him enter in wall
In jumping

Me: Yes, he walked right through it, didnt he?

Sleeper: Yes
He walk slowly

Sleeper: yes, so you had gone with him earlier and he was bringing you back home

Sleeper: Sure of himself

Me: yes, they are very smart and usually gentle

Sleeper: Ohhh
Me: Did he seem human like or insect like?
Regular size arms or very thin arms?

Sleeper: Human
Small (arms)
Me: And he was looking at you?

Sleeper: Not normal (not normal looking like a human)

I don't know
Me: They can see very well in the dark, very big dark eyes
I have pictures of several different types
They call their race "Zeta"

So they took you to their ship, probably once a week for years, then erase your conscious memory
BUT they influence your decisions
So when did you begin an interest in science and quantuum physics?
At what age did that start?

Sleeper: Is very dark his face
I was first in class in mathematics and physics

Me: Yes, because they taught you all of it before your classes, and more!

Sleeper: Not so dark face, just big dark eyes
Its was very dark
I was in high school

Me: (showing picture) this is a whole body so you can see how small they are
Sleeper: Big head
I was terrified
Me: (showing picture) This is a slightly different species, a little lighter

Sleeper: I was sleep with light (Started sleeping with light on this point)
Me: Well, yes. and they do not understand emotion
Sleeper: Ok
Me: How often did they come?
Sleeper: One time
Me: Well, not usually. Never just one time
Did you get sick after this visit?
Sore throat, fever, sweating?
Did you have strange dreams about being on a ship or visiting a strange doctor who did things to you?
Sleeper: No

Me: How many years ago was this?
Sleeper: 12
Me: And in all this time, do you still sleep with a light on?
Sleeper:  (Even) Now, yes
Low light

Me: If you think hard, can you imagine the inside of their ship?
Sleeper: No
Me: Any rooms at all in that ship...

Sleeper: Just I cant sleep
Me: A classroom with other students?

Sleeper: Yes
Me: What kind of classroom was it?

Sleeper: Just little light (A room not well lit)
Me: Computer screens that show pictures?

Sleeper: Yes
Me: They usually show pollution, dead fish, coming catastrophies and explosions...
They tell you what will happen to the Earth if we do not fix our planet. They warn all of the children on that ship and teach them about dangers
They probably taught you about nuclear power and told you alternatives for that, and for gasoline
They probably told you that your country will run out of oil and what you should do next. What did they recommend?
They probably taught you advanced physics and showed you how to pilot their ships for an emergency, if our planets ever has a nuclear war
They told you to pick that major...

Sleeper: Ok

Me: What comes to mind to replace oil?
Sleeper: Sun
Me: Solar power.
Sleeper:  Yes
Me: And what will replace nuclear? 

Sleeper: Energy
Me: Did they show you magnetic energy, spinning magnets?
Like what Tesla invented?
Sleeper: Yes
Magnetic energy is free energy. Good
Fusion energy
Me: Do you experiment with this where you work now?

Sleeper: No
Me: Do you focus on cleaning up pollution?
Sleeper: Yes
Me: Good

Sleeper: That I like

Me: They would never let you work where you are not doing that...

Sleeper: In large field
Me: They are heavily invested in you, they gave you a lot of their time and training...
This training probably started when you were 5 years old
That is the usual age that it starts
So ask your parents if you ever mentioned invisible friends, monsters in the dark, or shadow friends, and at what age did this start?

Me: So, after this time, did you ever get sick or were you very healthy?

Sleeper: Never visit doctor
All my life

Me: OK
So here are some things I can tell you:

Sleeper: I hope for my rest life

Me: You are microchipped. It is a tracking device and they can find you anywhere any time. For your protection, not to hurt you.

Sleeper: Ok
Is good or bad?
Me: There will be another device that monitors your blood and hormones. Any time you show a sign of any sickness they go get you immediately and fix it. So they fix broken bones, spinal problems, mental illness, anything to keep you very healthy!

Sleeper: Ok
I hope that

Me: One man had a broken leg and the day before his surgery he was taken on the ship and they fixed his leg. The next day he went to surgery and the doctor said "I see three little holes, but no broken bone. Are you sure you had a broken leg?"

Sleeper: Wow

Me: There will be another implant behind your eye. They can see what you see, they hear what you hear, and they use it for telepathy. This means they can send you information and you can call them also. It goes both ways

Sleeper: Nice
Me: Most contactees, like I am, are very envious of people who are "chipped" because we know you can call them and they will definitely come. But we have to hang out with you to increase our chances of seeing them

Sleeper: I told you. Before that I can know if something happens in family

Me: Yes. I am genetically altered, so I have those abilities. My mother was probably the abductee and I was altered in her body. My girls were born already with genetics upgrade

Sleeper: Ok
You are higher

Me: This means your son has a genetics upgrade and he is probably going to be abducted soon. They will follow your family line. They will protect him and train him like they did to you.

Sleeper: Generation
Me: yes
So the question is, did they also take your brother? Usually they do, but not always
Does he sleep with the light on also?

Sleeper: I m generation of your mother?
I didn't ask him now 
He not live with me
Me: OK. So as a child, did he ever get sick?
Sleeper: No
Me: Was he just as healthy as you?
Sleeper: Yes
Me: Did he describe bad dreams, dreams of owls or animals with large eyes?
Was he afraid of the dark?

Sleeper: I don't remember
I don't think

Me: Was he afraid to leave home or go outside? Did he want to always be with you?
He live far to me
We meet rarely

Me: I mean when he was 15

Sleeper: I will ask him

Me: What did he major in for school?
Sleeper: He is Ingineer in computer
Me: Does his work focus on power, fuel, conservation, environment?
Does his work solve problems related to Global warming, pollution?
Is he engineering alternatives for gas and nuclear?

Sleeper: He work administrator of big systems of big company
System network
Me: OK, so he is in communications...Languages? International communications?

Sleeper: Yes
Me: Is it related to military or government?
Sleeper: Government

Me: So was he learning to speak many languages also?
Sleeper: Yes
He speak English very well

Me: And so he was also trained in protecting the equipment if there is a major disaster...
Sleeper: Yes
Me: They might call him if there are terrorists, hackers, bombers, earthquake....

Sleeper: Security of system network
Yes yes
Like fire wall in system

Me: So that is what they did, then. He was taught to communicate. He was shown where the ships land and take off, what to do in danger, how to handle danger. And he was probably taught their language too
You were both tested for this at an early age, then they decide your strengths and they train you for real war at the age of 5. It starts very, very young.

Sleeper: Its may (It may be)
Me: So I will share a website of an abductee and you can look at his stories, just to compare the kinds of things they teach you on a ship...
Sleeper: Ok
Now I will find you avideo I want you to watch. About a man who is abducted and what he remembers under hypnosis

Sleeper: Ok
(link below)

Sleeper: Why he cry
I am crying watching this.
End of transcript