Abductee and Contactee Blog

Names have been changed and any identifying information has been altered. My goal is to give a voice to the individuals who have shared their stories so that they can gain valuable insight into why they were taken, and what the Zeta agenda is for this one "faction" of Greys, as they put it.

"Pirate" Abducted at age 14-Aman, Jordan

Name: "The Pirate"
Subject: 27 year old Arab male, nomadic, travels by camel, lives in tent. Sleeps outside under the stars on hot nights. Easy access by ET with no witnesses. Last recall at this time: Age 14.

Begin Transcript


Me: Why do you copy all my posts?

Pirate: Just I like them
Me: Why. I work with UFOs and aliens. I am a researcher

Pirate: Wow
Me: Yes, they are real

Pirate: Very nice
Me: Did you see a UFO

Pirate: I felt one night I was kidnapped by them
Me: In what way

Pirate: I sorry
Me: ok, this is what I do, so take your time
How long ago was it?

Pirate: I dream one night that they take me and doing me surgery
Long time
 Me: you are 27 now. What age was this at?

Pirate: At 14 old
Me: ok
Were you outside?

Pirate: Yes alone

Yes outside
Me: Do you remember seeing a ship?

Pirate: In summer
Me: lights?

Pirate: Yes light

Me: Any other color lights you remember?

Pirate: No
Me: what time was it

Pirate: Middle night

2 h 3 h

Me: Do you know how long you were gone

Pirate: Don't know

Its dream

I wake felt tired
Me: Any witnesses, anybody who missed you that knew how long you were gone?

Pirate: No one
Me: No, not a dream
It's ok
Did you see the beings? Any of them?
What they look like?

Pirate: I sleep in summer outside be is very hot in desert
Me: yes

Like in your pictures (they look like the ones you post)
Me: You are so easy for them to find that way
Pirate: yes

Small and big black eyes
Me: yes
any clothes on them?

Pirate: No

Big head
Me: They have many species, yes
Were they explaining why they need to do this?

Pirate: I felt open my stomach

And my chest


They not talk
Me: They are telepathic

Pirate: They hard
Me: They would tell you something
They have a job to do, they are very serious

Pirate: I felt that take from me something
Me: yes
They take sperm from all men, usually
You probably have babies on their ship now

Pirate: Awww

Really? ??

Its true? ?
Me: They take blood samples and test you for disease, If you are sick they cure you

Pirate: Have had same dream? ?? (Did you have the same "dream" as me?)
Me: Sometimes they even mate you with an alien woman on the ship
Tell me what you remember
Did you see the babies?

That I told you
I have heard this 300 times
You are not alone

Pirate: Open my stomach
Me: why

Pirate: And my chest
Me: why

Pirate: That dreamed
Me: This I never heard before, so maybe you had a heart problem

Pirate: Awww
Me: They had to fix some kind of problem

Pirate: Never I was sick
Pirate: Well, no. After they are finished people are never sick. They make sure you stay healthy
But they corrected some problem you were born with

Pirate: Can you let me 30 min I will be back.
Just I go to village buy something
Transcript #2

Pirate: I want you explain me what happened to in this dream
Me: Goat milk, yum . ok
Pirate: Exactly that happened to me
yes, please
Pirate: You are not arab and you interested to know my culture

Me: What else do you remember?
Can you remember what the ship looks like outside or inside?

Pirate: Is just dream
Is long time
Me: OK, then tell me more about what you think was a dream

Pirate: I will try remember
Me: That is ok

Pirate: You had same experience?
Tel me may you help to remember

Me: Wait
I have been on their ships, three of them
I did not have surgery, I was already upgraded in my mother. She would have had that surgery, not me
Pirate: Is like balloon like perharberg (Hindenberg)

Me: They altered your genetics and you will see it in your children

Me: I see. the cigar shaped craft

Pirate: Yes
It is a very big one
I remember

Pirate: I remember
They hold me by my heart
Me: How
With light?
With electricity? Physically?
You were frozen and could not move?
Pirate: After they open my chest. Yez
Me: What did you see them do

Pirate: My hand is down
 Just high light

Me: They held your hands down
You were on a table?
Pirate: After down me on table

Pirate: Like in hospital
Me: What kind of table, color? Was it metal, glass?
Pirate: Metal
Me: Warm, cold?
Pirate: Inox
Me: I dont understand that word
Warm, cold?

Pirate: Like mirror
Me: Shiny metal
And the walls?
Pirate: My eyes saw up only light

Me: How many of them were around you?
Pirate: 3
Big eyes

Me: Any taller ones?
Pirate: I can't move
One is taller more than
I wanted fight them

Me: Is he giving directions?

Pirate: To wake up
Me: You feel helpless

Pirate: He move his hand. Yes

Me: Describe the arms and hand

Pirate: Slim smaller hand
Me: Any colors?
Pirate: I don't know

Pirate: Awww you like them

Me: Did you see his fingers? How many, how long or short?

Pirate: ???? (He is afraid of me now. Asking if I work with them.)

Pirate: Longer
Me: Some of them are kind and some are not kind, just like people

Pirate: With nails
Me: What color nails
Pirate: Black. Dark

Pirate: Are you human? ??

Me: My mother was from Holland, my father Native American Indian
Pirate: You are stranger (He means am I an alien)

Pirate: Awww
Me: I was altered by them, just like they altered you

Pirate: They changed your mind body???
Me: And now you have special abilities, dont you?
You dont get sick. You can read people's eyes?

Pirate: Never (get sick)
Pirate: Yes (can read people's eyes)
Pirate: You have beautiful eyes

Me: You can tell if people lie. You can connect to people who are far away and feel them?

Pirate: Yes I can know. Yes

Pirate: Tel me more
Me: So what they did, it seems cruel, but it was for a good reason

Pirate: I will have nightmare this next night

Me: And now they see what you see, feel what you feel. They learn through you, about your culture. They put a tracking device in you so they can find you and they know when you are sick

Pirate: You remember very old dream (You made me remember very old dream)

Me: It is not a dream.
But yes, I was also on that mother ship like that kind, and others

Pirate: You say true?????

Me: Yes. They blocked your memory successfully for 10 years. You are starting to remember it now

Pirate: Or just

Me: How can 10,000 people have the same dream with the same beings?

Pirate: I never meet like you
You will make me crazy

Me: No, I will make you understand
That you are not crazy, in fact

Pirate: Okay
Wanted know understand

Me: They come from a place far away called Zeta Reticuli
Their race is one of many, many races. They call themselves
Pirate: What is it star
Me: The good ones come to make Humans smarter so we will stop using nuclear and stop all wars
They have Zeta A and Zeta B in a system called Zeta Reticuli
Bad Zeta come to use humans to farm them for meat and to trade more nuclear to our American government which started in 1952

Pirate: You make me crazy
Me: Good Zeta come to make humans smarter so we will not fall for tricks by bad Zeta and become prisoners on our own planet

Pirate: Is too much

Me: I know

Pirate: I will back
Me: You need to just try to remember any other details
And let me know

Pirate: Let time
Me: Yes

Pirate: Bye
Me: It is for good reason. They made you healthy and smart. Mashallah for that. Bye