Abductee and Contactee Blog

Names have been changed and any identifying information has been altered. My goal is to give a voice to the individuals who have shared their stories so that they can gain valuable insight into why they were taken, and what the Zeta agenda is for this one "faction" of Greys, as they put it.

Course Outline-ETMENA

This course contains everything you need to establish a basic understanding of why humans interact with ETs, and why humans are being altered and upgraded. It is a complex topic, riddled with inappropriate behavior by some malevolent ETs who have no part in the upgrades but just like to molest unsuspecting humans, and some benevolent ETs who are every bit our allies. Our goal is the create a foundation for understanding and acceptance, combined with outline resources for people who do not have local support in their area. Humans have sovereignty and we are autonomous. Make sure you understand that and LET THEM KNOW that you know!

1. Introduction to our stories. Read the accounts of all witnesses. What do they have in common, and what is different? Most abductees (all of my witnesses) have been approached at night when it was quiet and there were no witnesses. Some are approached when they are sleeping. They may be moved or manipulated when they are sleeping. They may be sexually molested without consent and told it is "just a dream." They are semi-aware of what is going on, and want to believe it is a dream, but the details are too clear and are remembered long after a regular dream would have been forgotten. Discuss how dreams are different than these accounts. The average dream lasts only seconds and is gone from memory when you get out of bed. These experiences are not dreams. Abductees are given chemical memory blocks but it is possible to shake them off and remember!

2. Anger and Acknowledgement. When you start to remember, you will seem confused, and maybe angry, because your human rights were violated. Psychologists acknowledge five stages of grieving and loss. Abduction victims go through these same stages: denial, to anger, to bargaining, to depression, to acceptance?
Denial-It was just a dream
Anger-You are right. She held me down, I was raped. I was helpless. I'm angry.
Bargaining-Well, it was not so bad right? How so do I make them stop? I can make it stop, right?
Depression-It will not change. I cannot stop this abuse.There is nothing I could have done and nothing any of us can do, to make it stop. They will stop when they want. We are helpless.
Acceptance- So why did they do it to begin with? Help me understand. OK, now I understand. They are alien, they do not think like we do. So tell me more about them...What am I able to do?

3. Peer Support. Choose a person you can talk to who believes you. They can be on Facebook, they can be anywhere. Study our materials together and talk about them. Discuss how you will go from Anger to Acceptance. Keep a notebook and record your thoughts. You are not crazy. Yes, people believe you. I believe you.

4. Review the resources page. Look at each item. Take notes. Why is it important to understand that these stories are real? Why is it important to differentiate between imaginary events or mental illness, and real events? How can Dr. John Mack tell if a person is crazy, or just a victim of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? Also begin discussing why you think governments are running a massive cover-up of this information. Why is that? Could any military stop them? Why or why not?

5.Spotting an ET. We are talking about races of beings that are 500,000 years old. What do they look like? In fact, there are hundreds of races and many of them look just like us. So did they take our DNA or are we wearing theirs? Both. Study the sample pictures and discuss with your Study Buddy which ones would pass for human at the market or on the street. Then go to YouTube and look this video where people have documented different alien races that have visited Earth. And also this one on Mantis and Reptilian beings. Be able to differentiate these categories:
Zeta/Greys- probably100 species.
Reptilians/Annunaki- Terrestrial and Extra-terrestrial.probably100 species.
Pleiadians/Nordics-Includes Venutians, Martians, Vulcan (cat ears) humans. Skin and hair of many colors and combinations. Some look like our Earth humans, some (other human types)have blue or green skin. probably100 species or more.
Mantis beings-many bug-looking types, can be 9 feet tall. Insectoid like, sometimes mixed with Greys. probably100 species.
Reptilians- over 100 species
What is Simon Parkes being taught to do on the ship?
When do Mantis Beings appear?
What does the reptilian teach him about using women and controlling humans?
Note WHY the reptilian suggests that they eat the human together to "bond."
Why do the reptilians spy on Earth?
Why do they believe America runs the Earth?
What is the over-all agenda for using hybrids?
Do aliens have an agreement with our government, to abduct humans and it is binding?
What are Human Time Lines?
Why is it important to take the abductees only at certain times?
Which races do they prefer to abduct and why?
Why would cause the Earth to become de-populated?
Why are humans on their ships being taught to prepare for disaster on Earth? They are being taught to load crews, fly ships, take people off the planet. Why?
Do they intend to repopulate the Earth with hybrids? Why?
Simon is being abducted between 3 to 5 times per month. Would you say he is in acceptance of his experiences, or denial? Why?
Does the reptilian being threaten his human mate and does he has children with her on the ship?
Simon says Cat People live in Orion's Belt of planets and Sirius Star System. Can hybrid's be "crosses" between reptilians and Greys, or Humans and Cat people as well? Can they cross a reptilian with a human or a Grey with a human?

6. Which TYPE are you? How do they differ? Discuss with your Study Buddy.
Abductee-Taken without awareness. memory is blocked
Experiencer-Sees craft or aliens. Does not feel negative or positive. Neutral.
Contactee-Usually has positive experiences. Can connect telepathically or in livid experiences. Read my description and decide why I am not an abductee.

7.Why Do Greys Abduct? Only one species ("faction") of Zeta Reticuli abduct humans. When Daryl Anka is channeling Bashar, a human questioner asks to dialogue with a Grey from our present-day time frame. Read the dialogue. How much emotion do Greys appear to have? Does a hybrid have more emotion?

8. Hybrids and Implants: how are people upgraded and why? Begin by reading about what implants can do. Then read about the body changes that occur as a result of being altered. Contrast this with the (slightly different) topic of what Star Seeds are. Discuss the following with your Study Buddy:

9. How are hybrids and Starseeds alike or different?
What role does DNA play in human awareness and IQ level?
What does it mean to be a sleeper or to be Activated?
What does the Souls Alite author believe will become of you if your DNA is activated?
Why do you think Starseeds are trying to activate each other?

10. Why is disclosure a problem? Read this page and read all the links.
What is the role of dis-information?
Why does our government refer to our alien DNA as "junk DNA"?
Why are reptilians using chemtrails to kill humans?
Why do reptilians hate humans?
Discuss with your study buddy:
Are all reptilians bad? Which ones or good or bad and how do you know?
Are all species of Greys bad? Which ones abduct and which ones might be gentle and spiritual?
Do Starseeds have the ability to maintain health and prevent disease despite the sabotage of our planet by negative, human-hating Reptilians?
How do benevolent ETs fight malevolent ETs? Can we fight negativity by DNA activation and lifting our vibration?
Do we really have Freewill?
What does the Galactic Federation do to help humans maintain freewill and which races are members?

11. In this article, what is the Prime Directive? Is one group of ETs allowed to monitor and punish other ETs who violate it? ET races all believe in God and Angels.
What does it mean to be Beings of Light?
What does it mean that humans have individual sovereignty?
Pleidians were chased out of their old home planets in the Procyon Star System by reptilians. How far back does this battle go? Why do all these races fear reptilians?

12. Andromeda Council Reports: Using this article, discuss Shape Shifting and the different dimensions. Which dimension do reptilians come from and how do their abilities differ from humans? Which highly advanced ways are a threat to humans? Do Starseeds have these abilities as well? After reading this article, who do you really think controls drug cartels, ISIS, the CIA and other hate groups? How are they being defeated?

13. Setting Goals for MENA population students
C. Umbrella Titles for Spiritual Topics and Classes 

1- The basics of yoga classes. Why does body discipline help activation?
 2-Meditation. How does mind discipline help empowerment?
3-Spirit guide connection. How does connect to ET sources aid perspective?
4-ET connection, all use the same energy. Can you connect to your own spiritual power?
5-Teaching higher consciousness. What makes humans unique? How are you unique?

14. The Big Picture, Discussion:
What does it mean to have a culture, and how are all people on Earth aliens to each other?
If you see all races and groups as alien, does that help us to see each other as equals?
As equals, are you entitled to your own religion, language, or local identity?
In sharing differences with others, how do we remind ourselves what we all have in common?
Is it ok to be having a human experience even though other races are far more evolved?
Do we understand why we volunteered to have a human experience at this time?
Is it necessary to convert others to our beliefs on Earth or on other planets?
Is it necessary to speak the languages of others or be able to share and interact lovingly and respectfully?
If ETs also honor the existence of God and Angels, what other things might we have in common with them?

Does knowing how we are all connected help to ease the pain of being part of the plan for genetic upgrades and hybridization of our races?
How can you locally help your own population in ways they will accept or understand, without insulting them, over-stepping their self-protection and personal boundaries, or causing fear?
Describe how being a hybrid makes you different
Describe ways in which you get support for being different so you dont feel alone
Name three basic ways you can use your own hybrid gifts to help humanity.