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Names have been changed and any identifying information has been altered. My goal is to give a voice to the individuals who have shared their stories so that they can gain valuable insight into why they were taken, and what the Zeta agenda is for this one "faction" of Greys, as they put it.


Middle East North Africa Accounts? I work specifically with this group, though I do occasionally get other reports. My focus is on culture and species, work with beings and their habits, not UFO craft, not soil samples, not objects. I work with cultures and how the beings interact with YOU in your homes, tents, and life. Contact me on Message Button at Facebook. 
Since there has been no local support to abductees in MENA areas, we offer it here. This content has a Course Outline and it is in the format of a class. Each self-paced lesson will guide you to understand your experience and what it means. We can help you understand that you do have rights, and it is not your fault. I do not take formal reports, I just talk to you in normal conversation. I will not share your name with anybody. I will not release my information to MUFON or any other group. I respect your privacy and I understand your culture. 

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Meet Your Teacher

My name is Julie and I am the Director of ETMENA. I am also a contactee.

 I am drawn to this area of the world, and I have been since I was 14 years old.  My mother was a Dutch immigrant and my father was Native American. So I grew up speaking to spirit guides, and studying MENA culture from my friends who taught me Turkish and Arabic. That was my childhood, and maybe my Earthly purpose. I won't even address past lives in this blog, but I will say I am pulled heavily towards this group of people, whom I care about dearly.

So one day when I was 9 I looked out my window and saw the little green ET on the roof. He ducked back, but the lasting impression was that our world had visitors, and it forever altered the idea that ET was a Hollywood invention.

I also saw UFOs over Kartal islands in Turkey when I was there, and friends photographed them, so now I had a support group to propel me along. Then my own ability to talk to guides became an ability to channel ET, and I found myself asking a Zeta (spirit guide) why I should trust him. (They prefer the term "Zeta" because they are many species and colors, not just grey, and they consider that word racist).

My Zeta said they are not all hive mentality, and he was a free agent who could help me integrate copper into my Reiki healing methods, to cure diseases. Copper? As in Zeta and Reptilian Copper-based blood? As in, the Anunaki taught us to use copper pipes to stop lead poisoning, or the Tuareg were taught long ago to use copper wire to find underground well locations in the Sahara, to find water? That copper. The kind so common the the Maghrebi area of North Africa that I dream about it at night. I am obsessed with copper and Maghrebi people.

How did my Bashar know this? Bashar means Messenger. In his collective, there are many at his frequency also named Bashar, like the one channeled by Daryl Anka at That is not my Bashar, but he is just as kind.

So then I started to have lucid experiences. They are not dreams, as "Pirate" would have you believe, because you would not remember the color of the nails of a person in a dream from 8 years ago if it were only a dream, ludicrous! But Pirate can tell you the color of the nails of the Zeta who cut his chest open! Now that you don't forget-because it was not a dream.

So I have had many, many of these experiences. One with a woman from Bellatrix who is a hybrid Orion and Sirian-Human, black haired and Greek looking. One with a hybrid Reptilian-Human who is from Terra and lives underground on our planet. One from a Martian in 5th dimensional Mars named "Truce" who showed me undulating ground of a kind of half water, half solid matter that we do not have here on Earth.

I was shown Mars and the subterranean roads and cave shops and cave-housing, featuring Moroccan type curved entrances, with dirt and clay everything! Also, I have seen Mars in 5th dimension, with projected neighborhoods that are used only for display, as nobody cares much for houses any more. They are too busy traveling around and visiting everybody else.
I was in a cigar-shaped mother ship with two Zeta who did not let me wear clothes and when I complained they gave me a men's sleeveless wife-beater to put on that was not mine and too big, and they still continued their "tour" as if nothing was amiss, they could care less about clothes. 

Then is the time I was gifted my own small craft but not told exactly how to pilot it, as they wanted me to study what makes it
lift and move. The magnetics of it, the metals we do not have, and the technology and math required to shoot through worm holes and travel from planet to planet.

Yes, I know your stories, even though I am a contactee, not an abductee. I do not have microchips in me, but I am genetically altered and able to read people. People always tell me I feel magnetic, that they notice my eyes, that I seem unusual. Well, as long as I get the job done, right?

So what is the job?
My job is to raise consciousness and be a Light Worker, a Way-Shower, for all the Starseeds who have come, and for the New Earth humans who are being upgraded and are "Waking Up." Ultra-intelligent, gifted, spiritual humans like these wonderful people who are giving me these stories and telling me how the upgrades have made them healthier, smarter, more spiritual...

So, wow, that is wonderful. I applaud Peace on Earth, I appreciate intellect, and I look forward to a better world that is not destructive. I am trying to help these new humans to use their gifts! The Zetas say they are not (all) under reptilian rule. So if we believe this, or them, then there is some equity coming for all, and we are all going to become part of the greater picture when disclosure occurs and we realize we came from the stars. That happens in the next 10 years, maybe sooner.

What a shock this will be for some when religion and politics have to expand their definitions. Some humans have already met their "half-breed" children on those ships. For me it is a relief, because I have always been different. As the Starseeds come, I feel more of my family around me. I like taking testimony from abductees and contactees and helping them with their fear. They are learning, waking up, remembering. I can't tell you the agenda is all about Peace and Love. I know for me it is, and for Starseeds it is. For this one faction of ET, saving their dying race was their agenda, and they had no option. Somehow we agreed to help them. They are on a tight timeline, and as they progress with hybridization, they begin to understand emotion, and love....and us. They are learning about human emotion and love, and we are teaching them that, and that it is sacred. So we benefit from their intelligence, and they benefit from our spirituality. We are all children of the same God. They believe in God and they are ruled by angels, just like us. Please read THEIR OWN WORDS, why ET abducts. The future race of hybrids is called Essessani, and Bashar is one of them, from future Earth, in a parallel reality. He will refer the questioner to a Zeta who can answer his questions about whether or not our civilization was hijacked...

    Reports-Case Files