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Names have been changed and any identifying information has been altered. My goal is to give a voice to the individuals who have shared their stories so that they can gain valuable insight into why they were taken, and what the Zeta agenda is for this one "faction" of Greys, as they put it.

"Camper" Abducted at age 17- Agadir, Morocco

Subject: "Camper" is curious about ETs but can't remember why until we have this conversation when he suddenly remembers a blue (tractor beam). He was 17 and had been camping in the vast, isolated Atlas Mountains shown below. He got terribly sick after his trip which can happen after radiation exposure, or after surgeries, when one has been on a ship...
December 28, 2014 6:01 pm

Begin Transcript

Sometimes I watch Cnn
Me: But not in French. It's in English in Morocco, right?

Camper: Yes
Me: Late night for you, huh? You are staying up late right now.

Camper: Sleep not come

Me: Yes
Camper: (It's now) 4 am

Me: Nice
ETs think humans are stupid, backward, war like, dangerous, and petty. They think we will destroy our planet with pollution
They are right

Camper: Yes right
Me: So in 1950 they began to genetically alter humans, to stop our war-like tendencies and make "smarter" humans with special abilities
These are called Starseeds

Camper: Ok
Me: This is why people started to see so many UFOs at that time

Camper: Ok
I see
Me: We are now on the 3rd generation

Camper: Ok
Me: I was altered, my mother was not. My children are automatically upgraded.

Camper: OK
Me: Any children born to an altered parent are automatically gifted with that genetics
Do you understand why they do it?

Camper: Yes
Me: All the websites I just gave you will talk about it

Camper: Yes
Me: Look at this picture of a large ship over Brazil

Camper: Yes I saw it documentary

Me: And this does not scare you?

Me: why. What do you feel?

Camper: I m curious

Me: Did you ever see lights in the sky you thought might be UFOs?

Camper: One time
In ramadan
When ball of light
Like moon

Me: yes
what colors

Camper: Blue white

Me: Blue? Interesting

Me: They have divided the world into territories. I did not know what kind of ships come to you over there

Camper: I asked they say is Mir station ship

Me:  Asked who

Camper:Some friends
Me: Did it move?

Me: At what speed?

Camper: High speed

And stop
Me:But it slowed, you could see it?
Me: When did the blue light start?

Camper: In stop
Me: When it stopped?
Me: How many people saw it

Camper:I don't know

I was alone
Me: what time was it

Camper: I was camping in mountains

Atlas mountain
Me: yes
what month, season was it?


Or july
Camper: What time did the ship come at first?

Camper:2 h am
Me: I see
how long did it stay

Camper:10 min

Or less
Me: how do you know

Camper:I don't


Me: ok
Did you have a fire?
Was there a fire burning?

Camper:No just small light

Night is dark
Me: Because other people in your situation report they just started the fire. It "should last four hours" but when they turned around, it was burned down to nothing
Missing time...
But it is hard to track unless you have something like that to gauge the time

Camper: Ok
Me: Like maybe your light was losing power because the batteries seemed weak

Camper: Ok
Me: and you thought they had been new batteries and it makes you confused

Me: Did you get sick after that trip?

Camper:Yes yes I remember

Have fever many days
flu, cold, yes
Me:They got you then


Me: yes
You were altered
Me: How long ago was it

Camper: Really
Me: yes, I dont joke

Camper:When I had 17 year
Me: how many years ago was that

Camper: 8 years

I think
Me: What changed in you physically after that trip
Do you get sick less often now or more often?
Are you stronger or weaker
Camper: No rarely (get sick)

Me: So you are strong and healthy

Camper: Yes
Me: can you look at people's eyes and tell when they are lieing to you?
Can you read people?

Camper:Yes yes

I know feel people
By looking at eyes

Me: Better vision or worse?


Me: How about at night, can you see well at night?

Camper:Yes light

Of course
Me: Can you sense people walking in a room, or walking behind you?

Camper:I was out looking at sky and relaxing (when I sensed them coming)

But I didn't remember all moments
Me:That is because they block it from your memory so you will not remember the surgeries they do on you


Me:They put implants. One to track you and find you, one to monitor your blood and hormones, and one to use your eyes so they can see what you see


You make me discover me
Me: And they take you at that young age to "make babies in space" as they call it

Me: So you have children with them also. Hybrid children on their ships
That part bothers most men

Me: What color are your eyes


With light
Me: ok
which colors are in them

Camper:Is dark

Me. Ok. Just for your own record, so you know, and so you can ask others, people usually report orange and red lights, more rare is white ships
And when the tractor beam starts it is blue. And that color light is reported by people who are taken

I have not heard anybody report blue before. That is how I know it was close to you
The blue beam can lift a cow from a field and take it to their ship

Me: See the airplane next to it?
That is a big ship

Camper: Yes
Me: The white light is a kind of reaction when the air makes static on the metal body
like this

Camper:This is green
Me: Well, let me show you the actual ship with no static

Me: I was on this kind of Mother ship

Me: They are very big inside and feel like a submarine

Me: It is a passenger ship but small UFOs can come and go from both ends
like these

Camper: Smaller
And with static, these are your "balls of light"

Camper: Ok
Me: Until they get closer


I wish see it again. To show the details
Me: You may get that wish
They did not want to scare you, but now they can feel you and hear you


Me: So they know when you are ready

Click the link below and scroll down to Travis Walton story and pictures
"The blue light"
Do me a favor. After you read these stories keep notes of what you start to "remember" in your dreams and during the day about that camping trip
Script #2
Me: Did you start to crave different kinds of food after that night with the UFO?


Its maybe.
tell me

Need remember all

I was thinking about since you tel me

I m confused

I try remember
Me: Did you change your diet

Camper:I think I eat little

And choose what I eat
Me: more meat or less meat, more fruit or less vegetables, like that...

Camper:Less meat

Me: ok
what about citrus
Camper: More Lemon

 Me: Do you need more sleep now, or less?

 Me: The citrus removes toxins from the body and drives up psychic ability
Meat is toxic and people report eating less

Me: They report cravng lots of citrus and also, because of the new diet, they have less need for sleep. You told me you go sleepless often.

Camper: Yes
Me: People also start to stay up later and may feel a desire to go walk alone in early hours, which of course leads to another abduction since they are being called to go out...

Me: And in many cases the experiences really started at age 5, not age 17, so they probably called you out to go camping to get you alone


Me: Do you believe in past lives?
Camper: Yes
December 28, 2014 6:01 pm